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Korean Age: How To Calculate And Talk About It?

Age is so important in Korea. In fact, Koreans exchange their age information at the very first meeting? 

Because Age determines whether you will talk to other parties in informal or formal language. 

You could accidentally offend people if you are not careful! So it’s crucial to know how to count age in Korean before you even land in Korea.

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To count age in Korean,  all you need to do is add and use the native Korean number plus 살 (sal), the word for “year(s) old.”

Age in Native Korean number +  살 (sal)

Let’s take some examples

  • 31 years – 서른하나[soreunhana] +  살 (sal)=서른하나살[soreunhanasal]
  • 18 years – 열여덟 +  살 (sal) = 열여덟살
  • 21 years – 스물하나+  살 (sal) = 스물하나살
  • 25 years – 스물다섯+  살 (sal) = 스물다섯살
  • 30 years – 서른+  살 (sal) = 서른살
  • 29 years – 스물아홉+  살 (sal) = 스물아홉살
  • 32 years – 서른둘+  살 (sal) = 서른둘살
  • 100 years – 백+  살 (sal) = 백살
  • 50 years old- 쉰 살swin sal+  살 (sal) = 쉰 살살


  • How old are you?
  • 몇 살이세요?- myot sariseyo
  • I am 28 years old.
  • 저는 스물여덟 살이세요- joneun seumulryodol sariseyo
  • I have done it since I was 18 years old.
  • 전 18살부터 했습니다.
  • I am 31 years old and live in Seoul.
  • 저는 서울 사는 31세 하나에요.
  • I’m actually not 28 years old. I m  20 years old
  • 사실 18살이 아닙니다.20살이에요! 
  • When we first met him, wasn’t he 18 years old?
  • 연준이 형 처음 봤을 때 18살 아니었어요?
  • “Hello, guys! I’m Yoon Jin. I’m 18 years old.”
  • 안녕하세요, 저는 낭랑 18세 여고생 윤진이에요.’
  • I wish I was 21 years old forever.
  • 이제 21살이 된 게 너무 신기하다.


Before we go further, practice translating these examples. The answers are at the bottom.

  1. 25 years-
  2. 33 year – 
  3. 27 years – 
  4. 11 years – 
  5. 99 years – 

Answers: 1. 스물다섯살,2. 서른셋 살, 3.스물일곱 살, 4.열하나 살,5. 아흔아홉 살

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