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Master the basics of korean from zero with our free korean lessons with real life dialogues, cheatsheet,quizzes, printable flashcards (+native-recorded audio files) make understanding korean a breeze.

About me

Hello, there

I am Itishree Meher, the founder, and writer of fluenttongue.com. This whole section is just about me & what am i doing here.

p.s. bear with me. I will be done in 2 minutes. I swear.

By passion, I am a writing nerd & part-time linguist. I blog, vlog tweet, read & teach language.

By profession, I worked as a freelance writer & translator. Now ended up becoming a Google Ads specialist, SEO expert, intermediate Korean & Chinese learner, and part-time blogger Blah Blah….

The bottom line: any kind of work involves writing, marketing & language you could think of.

When I am not any of those, you’ll find me doing yoga & meditation until my mind says “inner peace”, watching Chinese/Korean dramas (till my eyes cry for help), collecting BTS posters, and Taking flower photos all of which require great patience and concentration.

That’s it.

Let’s have the real talk now.

About fluenttongue

Struggling to learn Korean? Master the basics of Korean from scratch with our free Korean lessons faster than you learned English.

Each lessons comes with

  • Easy and Colorful Grammar Explanations.
  • Real-Life Situations Dialogues.
  • Handy infographics Cheatsheet & Quizzes
  • Free Printable Flashcards
  • Free Lessons Audio Download (Recorded By Native Speakers)

Join us & Speak like a true korean

Why Am I Doing This?

Ever since high school, I ignore pretty much everything expects reading textbooks, novels, language books, & general books, of course.

Oops, Nerd alert…

GUESS what, still the nerd.

Look at me writing this language blog now.

My multilingual family influence imposes on me ever since I was in a diaper and fluent in 2 local languages.

Later in college, I got Crazy enough to fall in love with k-pop & Korean dramas and decided to get a Korean tongue (start learning Korean) on the way.

Now an intermediate Korean & Chinese learner. My profession often demands fluency in foreign languages. More reasons for me to dig into learning Korean, and Chinese.

(Shhh!!! Don’t tell anyone, I am obsessed with Japanese now)

Ever since nothing much has changed except for the diaper of course.

But why should u be interested in this?

Why should you be interested?

Just admit it

We all know Language learning on your own can be hard, tedious & even frustrating at times.

Of course, you got all your stuff – the big fat Korean books, 10 different Korean apps, and random guide floating on the internet.

but You’re not making the progress you’d like.

your diehard motivation stops working in chapter 2.

You are probably bumped that your money & time is wasted on resources that just don’t work for you. Can even break your bank.

And the biggest problem, no-one ever makes it fun, and easy for you and taught you how to sound like a native fast.

Let’s change that…

Whether you are a solo beginner, intermediate learner, or a cool traveler or got here out of the blue while googling, does not matter.

Ever want to kick some serious language learning butt. you are in the right place.

We got all Korean grammar, Korean vocabulary, and Korean phrases lessons with free goodies- to get you started on a better foot.


You’ll get bite-size complete lessons with examples, free flashcards, worksheets, infographic cheat sheets & audio.

And the best part is” it’s free (100%)” for you.

So, what are you waiting for?

Why Choose Us?

Detailed lessons with examples
Get Free printable Flashcards in every lessons
free infographics cheatsheet
audio from native speakers
free video lessons
free quizzes with every lessons

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korean Grammar

Does learning Korean grammar have to be extremely difficult and boring? Not anymore.Master all the ins and outs of Korean grammar with our step-by-step bite-sized lessons with easy and colorful grammar explanations, real-life examples, and quizzes (+ native-recorded audio files), making understanding grammar points a breeze.

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korean phrases

Want to speak Korean from day one?
Here are some free lessons for complete beginners on basic Korean phrases you can start with even if u don’t know d ABC of the Korean language. Each lesson come with real-life dialogues, cheatsheet, quizzes, printable flashcards (+native-recorded audio files)

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korean words

Want to kick some serious language learning butt. We got all Korean vocabulary, with real-life dialogues, printable cheatsheets, quizzes, and printable flashcards (+native-recorded audio files) to get you started on a better foot.

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learn hangul

Struggling with Hangul ? Master the basics of the Korean alphabet from zero with our step-by-step Korean lessons with easy-to-cut flashcards, and cheatsheets ( native-recorded audio files). Practice writing syllables to become fluent in reading and writing in Korean! with our free workbook in no time.

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