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 Our audience is looking for know more about language learning, tips, and tricks to reach fluency and any relevant cultural insight you have that can help make learning a new language easier that captivate and excite our audience.

We get a LOT of emails. So, we really appreciate you taking the time to make sure your piece fits our guidelines.

Our guidelines for guest posting on fluenttongue:

  1. Post should be 100% original. We do not republish existing posts on this blog.
  2. The topic should be centered around LANGUAGE LEARNING., korean or Chinese language, or tips and tricks and language tool reviews., ultimate guide, top list articles..  
  1. The minimum length of the article should be 2000- 2500 words.
  2. Edited (appropriate headings, grammar, short paragraphs) and ready for submission.
  3. The article should be SEO-optimized and properly structured.
  4. Properly attribute any quotes, facts, or details from high-quality sources in the article.
  5. Include an  1 or image which is copyright free or image with proper atttribuation.
  6. Include your short bio with an image and link to your blog/social media.
  7. Include any media will increase the chance of acceptance.
  8. Make it awesome and interesting!  (Check out our blog for examples.)

Why Should I Publish a Guest Post on fluenttongue?

Posting a guest article on our blog will essentially allow you to…

  • share your ideas with hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in learning korean
  • bring fresh perspectives our readers,
  • get a do-follow backlink and grow your own website visibility on google
  • we will share your post in Instagram and Pinterest accounts and get more eyes on your website

To Know

Writing a guest post for fluenttongue.com means giving us exclusive rights to your article. We have the right to use and modify your article as we wish and use the full text or excerpts in in our social media. 

You will not be able to ask us to remove it from our site once it has been published.

What Kind of Article Should I Write?

We are recently accepting free guest post on these topics

  • Language tool review
  • Tips to learn Korean
  • List-post
  • Korean culture
  • Best resources to learn Korean
  • How to learn Korean fast
  • Korean apps
  • cute Korean phrases
  • top 10 Korean words
  • Korean vocabulary
  • Korean verb list
  • Korean holidays

If your idea is cool, well thought-out, original and we have not yet covered the subject. If we feel that your article can interesting for our readers, then we’d love to publish your article in our blog.

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