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How to Say Delicious in Korean(9 Correct Ways)

You are eating your favorite snacks with family and friends, and they are so yummy that you can’t help but say, “Wow, delicious.”

After all, Korean food is really delicious, but how To say delicious In Korean?

In this guide, you’ll learn the causal, polite, formal, and cute ways to say “delicious”, plus related expressions like It’s “really delicious/not delicious in Korean”. 

Alright friends, it’s time to dig in

How To Say Delicious In Korean

Delicious in Korean is translated as 맛있다 [ma-sit-da] literally means ‘It has taste’. It is made up of the words 맛 means ‘taste’ and 있다 means ‘to exist. 

Here’s how to say “delicious” in Korean language in casual, polite, and formal ways.

  • Delicious In Korean (Informal)-맛있어 [ma-si-sseo].
  • Delicious In Korean(Polite)-맛있어요 [ma-si-sseo-yo]
  • Delicious In Korean(Formal)-맛있습니다 [ma-si-sseum-ni-da].

You can say 맛있다 (masitda) when you are talking to yourself. However, if talking with others, you need to use the appropriate level of politeness depending on the other person’s age or the situation you are in. 

Let’s talk formality levels!

Delicious In Korean – Informal

delicious in Korean

맛있어 [ma-si-sseo] is the informal way to say “delicious” in Korean. It comes from the basic form (맛있다) and is conjugated into the present tense without any polite ending 요. You can use it with close friends as well as those much younger than you.


Fried rice is so tasty! 

볶음밥이 정말 맛있어!

Grapes look very delicious! 

포도가 매우 맛있어 보여요!

My favorite way to eat them is by dipping them in cream and sugar! 

설탕하고 크림에 찍어 먹는 게 제일 맛있어!

This curry and rice are very tasty. 

이 카레라이스는 아주 맛있어.

They have great hamburgers here. I love their French fries. 

여기 햄버거 맛있어. 프렌치 프라이도 맛있어.

I just love the taste of homegrown tomatoes. 

집에서 키운 토마토가 정말 맛있어.

Your grandmother’s apple pie is my favorite. 

얌얌! 너희 할머니가 만드신 애플 파이가 제일 맛있어.

Try this papple. It’s so delicious. 

이 복숭아사과 먹어 봐. 정말 맛있어.

Their bacon cheeseburger is really good. You should try it. 

거기 베이컨 치즈버거는 정말 맛있어. 너도 한번 먹어봐야 해.

That looks so good! Mind sharing the recipe? 

완전 맛있어 보인다! 레시피 좀 공유해줄 수 있어?

Delicious In Korean – Polite

how to say delicious in korean

맛있어요 [ma-si-sseo-yo] is the polite way to say “delicious” in Korean. It is the combination of two words “맛” means “taste” and 있어요 means “I have/ there is”.

It comes from the basic dictionary form (맛있다) conjugated into the present tense.

You can use it in most situations where you need to sound polite and respectful.


Apples are delicious. 

사과는 맛있어요.

You always make yummylicious cookies! 

당신이 만드는 쿠키는 언제나 정말 맛있어요!

This meal is out of this world! 

이 음식 정말 맛있어요!

You’ve got to try this recipe—it’s delicious. 

당신 이 요리법 한번 시도해 봐요. 정말 맛있어요.

Oreo cookies are delicious. 

오레오 쿠키는 맛있어요.

The food’s incredible. 

음식이 정말 맛있어요

This cheesecake is so soft and delicious. 

이 치즈 케이크 정말 부드럽고 맛있어요.

I really enjoyed the chicken. 

정말 닭고기 요리가 맛있어요.

What’s your best dish? 

이 집에서 뭐가 제일 맛있어요?

I love your fried chicken. 

당신이 튀긴 닭이 정말 맛있어요.

The cookie cup tastes sweet and delicious! 

쿠키 컵은 달고 맛있어요!

Delicious In Korean Formal

delicious in korean

맛있습니다 [ma-si-sseum-ni-da] is the formal way to say “delicious” in Korean. It comes from the basic form (맛있다) conjugated and the formal ending ~(스)ㅂ니다. You can use this in formal situations and in conversations when you need to sound extra respectful.

Korean hardly used this in daily life conversation. You can use 맛있어요 in polite situations. 


Milk is delicious when it’s cold. 

우유는 차가울 때 맛있습니다.

This burger is delicious. 

이 햄버거는 맛있습니다.

The flower cakes are delicious. 

꽃 케이크가 맛있습니다

Food in a student cafeteria is cheap and tasty. 

학생 식당 음식이 싸고 맛있습니다.

The food in this restaurant tastes really good. 

이 식당의 음식은 정말 맛있습니다.

Our dishes are the best in this town. 

저희 요리가 이 마을에서 가장 맛있습니다.

Steak is delicious when skewered and grilled. 

스테이크는 꼬치를 해서 구우면 맛있습니다.

Strawberries are very delicious! 

딸기는 매우 맛있습니다!

Fruit juice is very sweet and delicious. 

과일 주스는 매우 달콤하고 맛있습니다.

Fresh bread is very delicious. 

신선한 빵은 매우 맛있습니다.

Chocolate is sweet and delicious. 

초콜릿은 달고 맛있습니다.

The Korean slang word for delicious in Korean

delicious in korean

꿀맛 (ggul-maht) and 존맛 (jon-maht) are the Korean slang word for delicious in Korean

This is frequently used among the younger generation.


[Tasty] Zu Ho, try this.

[꿀맛] 주호야, 이거 먹어봐.

Does it taste great?


Eating ramen here would be super good.

진짜 꿀맛 아니에요? 여기서 먹는 라면은 진짜 꿀맛이죠.

It’d taste really great.

완전 대박 꿀맛일 것 같아.

What does “mashita” mean in Korean?맛있다 Meaning

delicious in korean

맛있다 is the basic form to say delicious in Korean which literally means “to be delicious”. It comes from the word 맛 means “taste”/ “flavor” and “있다” which means “to have”.

 It is bit informal but it’s really natural when you say it like talking to yourself.

The difference between 맛있어 and 맛있다  is that 맛있다 is the concept of the meaning so you use it when you’re talking to yourself and you use 맛있어 when you’re speaking to a friend or to your family.


Popcorn tastes the best at movie theaters. 

팝콘은 극장에서 가장 맛있다.

Bibimbap is very delicious. 

비빔밥은 매우 맛있다.

These muffins are very moist and tasty. 

이 머핀들은 매우 촉촉하고 맛있다.

The pizza tastes so good. I’d like another. 

피자가 꽤 맛있다. 또 하나 더 먹어야겠다.

This dessert is delicious. 

이 후식은 맛있다.

Chicken thighs are very delicious. 

닭의 넙적다리는 아주 맛있다.

The muffin is really delicious. 

그 머핀은 너무 맛있다.

I’ve been to many restaurants, but this place has the best food. 

여러 곳을 다녀 봤지만 이 식당 음식이 제일 맛있다

The difference between 맛있어요 and 맛있네요.

The expression 맛있어요 and 맛있네요! Means That’s delicious. 

The only difference between 맛있어요 and 맛있네요 is that you can say 맛있어요 when you are saying that the food is good and when you are so surprised that your food is too great then you expected, you can use 맛있네요!


How is your food?

음식 어때요?

That’s Delicious


How to modify the word delicious as a verb

delicious in korean

Sometimes you want to say “delicious” to describe something like “a delicious fruit,” rather than “the fruit is delicious”, then you need to modify the form 맛있는 (masinneun). 

This is the adjective form!


  • 맛있는 식사- delicious meal 
  • 맛있는 냄새-delicious odor
  • 맛 좋은 과실.- delicious fruit
  • 맛있는 캔디- delicious candy

It’s Really/very Delicious in Korean

delicious in korean

If you find the food to be so yummy that, you can’t help but say It’s Really/very Delicious in Korean, you simply add the Korean word 진짜 means really or 너무 / 매우 / 아주 means very. 

Here are the informal, polite, and formal ways to say “It’s really delicious” in Korean:

  • 진짜 맛있어 [jin-jja ma-si-sseo] = It’s really delicious. (Informal)
  • 진짜 맛있어요 [jin-jja ma-si-sseo-yo] = It’s really delicious. (Polite)
  • 진짜 맛있습니다 [jin-jja ma-si-sseum-ni-da] = It’s really delicious. (Formal)

if you want to say It is very good/delicious in Korean, just say the expression 너무 맛있어 / 너무 맛있어요.

 But if you want to express It’s so freaking good in Korean, just say 개 맛있다 / 개 맛있어.

 It is only used on casual occasions. So don’t use these on formal occasions!

It’s Not Delicious / It Doesn’t Taste Good

delicious in korean

Now you know how to say something is delicious but what about when you don’t find your food to be yummy and want to say It’s Not Delicious in Korean? 

 If you want to say It’s Not Delicious / It Doesn’t Taste Good in Korean, you simply replace 있다 (to have) with the opposite word 없다 (to not exist).

Here’s how to say “It’s Not Delicious in Korean”  in informal, polite, and formal ways 

  • 맛없어요 [ma-deop-seo-yo]= It’s not delicious. (polite)
  • 맛없어 [ma-deop-seo]= It’s not delicious. (Informal)
  • 맛없습니다 [ma-deop-seum-ni-da] = It’s not delicious. (formal)

How to ask Do You Like It? In Korean

What if you want to ask someone whether they like the food or not, you can say you must ask ‘맛있어요?’ which literally means, “Is it good?”

You can make it a question by simply raising your voice and saying the same phrases used to say it’s delicious 맛있어요.


because the Korean language doesn’t have a natural expression for ‘I love it. So Koreans ask it like this.

You can answer  it by saying ‘맛있어요 means It’s delicious)’ or ‘진짜 맛있어요 means It’s really delicious.


Do you like it?


I love it!

진짜 맛있어요

How to learn the word delicious in Korean

Anki Isn’t The Only Game In Town. 

Did you know you can learn how to say “delicious” in Korean by watching a miniseries?

Well, what could be better than that?

Here is how Koreans do it all the time (now you can do it too!!!)

Use Flashcard And Test

Maybe drama is not your thing. What about flashcards?

I know it’s an old thing(you might be using Anki too)

But When it comes to mastering Korean vocabulary, you will never regret using these fellas. 

Here is list 

delicious in korean


Great job. You finally know how to say delicious in Korean.

If you are ever unsure of which way to use to say yummy in Korean, then it is best to stick with what you know and use (맛있어요) for polite situations.

For close friends, family, and people younger people, just use 맛있어(mashiseo).

All these words are widely used and accepted in Korea.

Well, it’s time for you to apply it in real life and improve your pronunciation.

So go out and next time you got a chance to say delicious in Korean language, just use any of these as much as you can.

Koreans will understand you even if you got it wrong. 

Looking for more Korean phrases and when to use them you can check out our other articles on this topic.

Here are some recommended lessons:

delicious in korean

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