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Speaking “good morning” is not just good manners, but also a conversation starter. Knowing how to say “good morning” in Korean correctly is a must-have if you are in Korea.

just like good night in korean , korean use 7 different phrases to say good morning

And here’s how to do it.

The literal translation of “good morning” in Korean is 좋은 아침! (joeun achim)좋은 (joeun) means “good” and 아침 (achim) means “morning”. But Koreans prefer to say “안녕하세요(hello)” when wishing someone a good day in Korean.

Here are the 7 most common ways to say ‘good morning’ in Korean, depending upon politeness level (the other person’s age) and situations.

  • 좋은 아침이에요(joeun achimieyo).
  • 잘 잤어? (jal jasseo)
  • 안녕히 주무셨어요? (annyeonghi jumusyeosseoyo).
  • 주무셨어요? (jal jumusyeosseoyo)
  • 잘 잤어요? (jal jasseoyo)
  • 좋은 아침! (joeun achim)
  • 좋은 아침입니다 (joeun achimimnida)

Sometimes, saying one word can be too short for a greeting, and it can give you away as a tourist.

By learning some new, real-world Korean greetings like thank you in korean, you’ll be mingling with the locals before you know it.

And let me help you with that 

In this article, we will go over 15 different ways to say good morning in Korean, as well as other common greetings and vocabulary with real-life examples and exercises, so that you’re prepared for every situation like a native.

 Alright friends, Let’s begin with the basics.

good morning in korean

How To Say Good Morning In Korean language?

good morning in korean

The standard way to say good morning in Korean is 좋은 아침이에요(joeun achimieyo). The translation of good morning in Korean is 좋은 아침 but Korean speakers don’t typically use it to say “good morning” to people. Instead, they simply say “안녕하세요”(hello). The informal way to say good morning is 잘 잤어? (jal jasseo) means “did you sleep well?” with friends. For elders, you can use the formal form 잘 주무셨어요? (jal jumusyeosseoyo) or 안녕히 주무셨어요? (annyeonghi jumusyeosseoyo).

Let’s see in details

Good Morning In Korean Standard

good morning in korean

잘 잤어요? (Jal Jasseoyo)

잘 잤어요? (jal jasseoyo) is the common way to say good morning in Korean with the meaning “did you sleep well?” as 잘 means well and 잤어요 comes from the past tense of the verb 자다(jada)means to sleep. You might use this with those older than you, in a text message. Or people of the same age but are not exactly close with you.

좋은 아침이에요(Joeun Achimieyo)

 좋은 아침이에요(joeun achimieyo) also means “good morning” in standard Korean. It’s not as common as saying “good morning” in English.

Good Morning In Korean Informal

good morning in korean

There are two ways to say Informal “Good Morning” in Korean in a casual way with your close friends. 

잘 잤어? (Jal Jasseo)

잘 잤어? (jal jasseo)informal ways of saying “good morning” in Korean which is typically used with close friends. It is made up of two words i.e. 잘 (jal) means “well” and 잤어 the past tense version of 자다 (jada) which means “to sleep”.

좋은 아침! (Joeun Achim)

The direct translation of good morning in Korean is 좋은 아침! (joeun achim) as 좋은 (joeun) means “good” and 아침 (achim) means “morning”. But Korean use 잘 잤어 or 잘 주무셨어요? Or 잘 잤어요? (jal jasseoyo)  instead of 좋은 아침! (joeun achim). You can use this with your close friends or people younger than you.

This greeting is extremely informal and typically considered slang. It is important to remember that these greetings are not suitable for formal or professional settings( your boss or teacher.)

Still, if you are ever in doubt, it is best to stick with the polite version 잘 주무셨어요? (Jal Jumusyeosseoyo) to avoid appearing rude.

and here’s how

Good Morning In Korean Formal

good morning in korean

There are three ways to say Informal “Good Morning” in Korean in a casual way with your close friends.

잘 주무셨어요? (Jal Jumusyeosseoyo)

잘 주무셨어요? (jal jumusyeosseoyo) is a formal and polite way of saying “good morning in Korean and it means “did you sleep well?”. 잘 (jal) means “well” and 주무셨어요 (jumusyeosseoyo) is the past tense version of the verb 주무세요 (jumuseyo). 주무세요 (jumuseyo) is the honorific form of 자다 (jada) meaning “to sleep”. You can use this with elders, parents, and someone older than you.

안녕히 주무셨어요? (Annyeonghi Jumusyeosseoyo)

Another formal and common way to say good morning in Korean is 안녕히 주무셨어요? (annyeonghi jumusyeosseoyo) with the meaning “did you sleep peacefully?” 안녕히 means peacefully and 주무셨어요 the past tense of the verb 주무시다(jumusida) in its honorific form means “to sleep”

It’s similar to  how we ask in English “how was your sleep?”

좋은 아침입니다 (Joeun Achimimnida) 

좋은 아침입니다 (joeun achimimnida) is the formal way to express good morning in Korean. Which literally means  “The morning is good”. –입니다 (imnida) ending, make this phrase more formal than 좋은 아침! (joeun achim)

How to wake up somebody by Saying Good Morning In Korean like natives?

If you want to wake up someone younger than you, just say the phrase빨리 일어나. 민지야(ppalri irona minjiya) means minji, get up quickly.(Minji is the name of a girl).

If you want to wake up someone older than you, you can simply say 빨리 일어나세요.

ppalri ironaseyo. 

You might have heard this phrase while Korean mothers wake up their children who overslept.

Minji, get up quickly. You are sleeping in
민지,빨리 일어나.  해가중천이야 – minji, ppalri irona haegajungchoniya

해가중천이야(Haegajungchoniya) means The sun is in the middle of the sky /you are sleeping in 

So, You can only use this phrase to wake up somebody who is younger than you as it is basically an informal form. 

22 Must-Know Korean Words Related To Morning

  • Morning – 아침(achim)
  • Dawn – 새벽(saebyok)
  • Alarm clock – 자명종(jamyongjong)
  • Early – 빠른 ppareun
  • Early bird/morning person – 아침형 인간(achimhyong ingan)
  • Night owl-올빼미형 인간(olppaemihyong ingan)
  • Bed – 침대(chimdae)
  • This morning- 오늘아침(oneurachim)
  • Yesterday morning – 어제 아침(oje achim)
  • Tomorrow morning – 내일 아침(naeil achim)
  • At 6 o’clock in the morning- 아침 6시에(achim yuk si e)
  • Midnight – 자정.(jajong)
  • Breakfast – 아침 식사(achim sikssa)
  • Brunch – 아침 겸 점심(achim gyom jomsim)
  • Sun – 태양.(taeyang)
  • When did you wake up today? -오늘 몇 시에 일어났어요? (oneul myot sie ironassoyo)
  • I get up at 6 o’clock – 나는 6시에 일어나요.(naneun yuk sie ironayo)
  • What’s for breakfast? -오늘 아침밥은 뭐야?
  • I’ll skip breakfast. – 아침식사는 사양할게(achimsikssaneun sayanghalkke)
  • Morning sleep -아침잠이(achimjami)
  • I sleep a lot  in the morning – 저는 아침잠이 많아요(joneun achimjami manayo)
  • Did you have breakfast? – 아침 먹었어요?(achim mogossoyo)


Great job. You finally know how to say good morning in Korean.

If you are ever unsure of how to say “good morning” in Korean, then it is best to stick with what you know and use잘 잤어? (jal jasseo) , 잘 주무셨어요? (jal jumusyeosseoyo) or 안녕히 주무셨어요? (annyeonghi jumusyeosseoyo). 

All these words are widely used and accepted in Korea as ways to greet someone with “a happy morning”.

Well, it’s time for you to apply it in real life and improve your pronunciation.

so go out and next time you meet a Korean speaker in the morning!be sure to ask them about their morning and casually greet them.

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That’s it for today’s lesson. I hope you enjoyed it 

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