How to say beautiful in Korean


Want to impress your crush, compliment your friends, coworkers,family, or describe something pretty around you?

well, it’s time to know how to say “You’re beautiful in Korean”  

In fact, learning the Korean words for “beautiful” empowers you to praise someone or something.

Korean has many words for cute and beautiful things, making it tough to pick the right one for each situation.

Here’s a complete guide on “7 ways to say beautiful in Korean” to help you ask and answer about the most gorgeous places, people, objects, and situations. 

Let’s dive in. 

How to say beautiful in Korean

There are two adjectives used to say beautiful in Korean. These are 예쁘다 [ye-ppeu-da] and 아름답다 [a-reum-dap-da]. 

The main difference between these two words in hangul( 예쁘다 and 아름답다) is that 예쁘다 is more commonly used when talking about people, and 아름답다 is more commonly used to describe beautiful scenery.

예쁘다 and 아름답다 are the basic adjective forms in Korean, and you can conjugate them and use them in six different ways

So, here are phrases that Korean people use to say beautiful in Korean in formal, casual, and polite situations.

  • beautiful in Korean standard form – 아름다워요 [ah-reum-da-wo-yo]
  • beautiful in Korean informal-아름다워 [ah-reum-da-wo]
  • beautiful in Korean formal-아름답습니다 [ah-reum-dap-seup-ni-da]
  • Slang Words for Beautiful in Korean-

This Korean word, ‘아름답다’  would be a useful word for you to describe beautiful people, and beautiful scenery in Korea, or simply talk about beautiful things around you.

But you can also use ‘예쁘다’ to compliment your friends and coworkers or describe something pretty around you.

예쁘다 [ye-bbeu-da] dictionary form of this word and means ‘pretty’ and you can use them in three different ways, such as 예쁩니다 [ye-ppeum-ni-da] for (formal) 예뻐요[ye-ppuh-yo] in polite 예뻐 [ye-ppuh]– in casual depending upon the age of the people you are talking to.

Let me explain them in detail

Beautiful in Korean standard form

You can use the words 예뻐요 (Yeppeoyo), 아름다워요 (Areumdawoyo), and 이뻐요 (Ippeoyo) to say pretty or beautiful in Korean. 

Did you notice the ending 요 (yo) added at the end of each word, which is used to make these expressions more polite?

예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo]

pretty in korean language standard

예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo] is the polite way to say beautiful in Korean.  It comes from the basic form 예쁘다 (beautiful) conjugated into the Korean present tense.

You can use this form when you are Talking to someone older than you, a stranger or you are really not close with them or a group of people.


It’s really pretty.

정말 예뻐요.

That’s a great sweater!

저 스웨터 너무 예뻐요!

The decorations are very pretty.

장식이 너무 예뻐요. 

She looks good in any clothes.

옷걸이가 좋아서 뭘 입어도 예뻐요. 

The leaves are so pretty.

나뭇잎들이 너무 예뻐요. 

The doll is lovely and pretty. 

그 인형은 사랑스럽고 예뻐요.

아름다워요 [a-reum-da-weo-yo]

beautiful in korean standard

아름다워요 [a-reum-da-weo-yo] is a polite way to say beautiful in Korean which comes from the adjective, 아름답다 means “beautiful.” it is conjugated into the present tense.

You can use this polite form with someone older than you, unknown people, Talking to a group of people or you are not really sure what form to use or don’t know their age.

Most of the time Koreans like to drop the subject and say just simply 아름다워요(areumdawoyo) as long as it’s obvious what or who you are talking about. 


The sea is beautiful.

바다는 참 아름다워요.

You look absolutely stunning! 

당신 그야말로 너무 아름다워요!

The color is just so beautiful! 

색이 정말 너무 아름다워요!

Snow White is beautiful. 

백설공주는 아름다워요.

The surrounding countryside is very pretty. 

주변의 경관이 너무 아름다워요.

You are delicate and beautiful like a rose. 

장미처럼 우아하고 아름다워요.

The bride is so beautiful. 

신부가 아주 아름다워요

The necklace is very beautiful. 

목걸이가 너무 아름다워요.

Snowflakes are really beautiful. 

눈송이들은 정말 아름다워요.

you’re looking really beautiful tonight. 

당신 오늘밤 정말 아름다워요

The weather is so beautiful outside. 

밖에 날씨가 너무 아름다워요.

Beautiful in Korean informal

For close friends and informal situations, you can say goodbye to polite ending.

It’s okay to use the words 예뻐 [ye-ppeo],아름다워 [a-reum-da-weo], and 이뻐 (ippeo) to say pretty or beautiful in Korean and can be freely informal with them.

Just drop the ending 요 (yo) added at the end of each word in the polite version of “beautiful” or “pretty” in Korean to make it more casual. 

However, you should use this form when talking to your siblings., younger people, friends, or kids.

In case you don’t know which form to use, it’s safe to use the polite version. 

At least you won’t sound rude.

예뻐 [ye-ppeo]

beautiful in korean informal way

예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo] is the informal way to say beautiful in Korean. It comes from the basic form 예쁘다 (beautiful) conjugated into the Korean present tense but without the polite ending 요(yo).

You can use this form when you are talking to your close friends, your boyfriend/girlfriend, or people younger than you.


Annabel’s pretty but she’s not my type. 

애나벨은 이뻐 하지만 그녀는 내 타입은 아니야.

 What if I look more beautiful than the bride? 

신부보다 내가 더 예뻐 보이면 어떡해?

You look so pretty in that dress! 

너 그 드레스 입으니 정말 예뻐!

Do you think I look pretty? 

너는 내가 이뻐 보여?

She looks so pretty in the pictures. She is so photogenic. 

그녀는 사진에서 참 예뻐 보인다. 그녀는 사진이 잘 받는다

Doesn’t she look prettier with her hair up? 

머리를 올리니까 더 예뻐 보이지 않니?

I envy her. She is so smart and pretty. 

나는 그녀가 질투나.그녀는 정말 똑똑하고 예뻐.

I think you look very pretty today. 

너 오늘 너무 예뻐 보여.

she has a beautiful voice. 

그녀는 목소리도 예뻐.

아름다워 [a-reum-da-weo]

how to say pretty in korean informal

아름다워 [a-reum-da-weo] is a causal way to say beautiful in Korean, which comes from the adjective, 아름답다 means beautiful. it is conjugated into the present tense without the polite ending “요”.

You can use this form when talking to your close friends, your wife, your girlfriend. or people younger than you.


I really enjoy the countryside. 

시골풍경이 정말 아름다워

The flowers look very beautiful. 

꽃들이 너무 아름다워!

The weather is so beautiful outside today. 

오늘 바깥 날씨가 너무나 아름다워.

You have such a beautiful smile! 

미소는 너무나 아름다워!

The weather is really beautiful these days. 

요즘 날씨가 정말로 아름다워.

The night view along the Han River is so beautiful. 

한강을 따라 보이는 야경이 너무나 아름다워

I’m Beautiful No Matter What They Say! 

누가 뭐래도 난 아름다워!

What’s wrong with wanting to be more beautiful? 

더 아름다워 지고 싶은 게 잘못인가요?

Beautiful in Korean formal

beautiful in korean formal

아름답습니다 (a-reum-dab-seum-ni-da) is used as the formal version of say beautiful in Korean. Another word 예쁩니다 (yeppeumnida)is also used to say pretty in Korean in extreme formal settings. It comes from the basic form 예쁘다 (beautiful) with the formal ending ~습니다.

Like all formal versions of phrases, you would use this expression towards someone older or in professional settings, where you have to show more respect than usual. 

You might still hear it in formal settings in Meetings, television news, debates, and speeches. Koreans hardly use this for daily life conversation. 

Chances are you won’t need to use this form that much as a beginner


The Korean language is very beautiful. 

한국어는 매우 아름답습니다.

My wife is intelligent and beautiful. 

제 아내는 총명하고 아름답습니다.

Love is beautiful no matter where you are. 

당신이 어디에 있든지 사랑은 아름답습니다.

You are clearly so quick-witted and beautiful. 

당신은 명백히 두뇌회전이 빠르고 아름답습니다.

Your new home is beautiful. 

당신은 새 집은 아름답습니다.

Boston is so beautiful this time of year. 

보스톤이 매년 이맘 때 아주 아름답습니다.

The jewels in the picture are so beautiful. 

사진속의 보석이 매우 아름답습니다

All of the spring flowers are very beautiful. 

모든 봄 꽃들은 매우 아름답습니다.

The pink flowers are very beautiful! 

그 분홍색 꽃들은 매우 아름답습니다!

Christmas tree in the pictures is very beautiful. 

사진 속의 크리스마스 트리는 매우 아름답습니다.

The design is beautiful.’ 

디자인도 아름답습니다

sky lanterns in the night sky are beautiful. 

밤하늘의 풍등들이 아름답습니다.

Slang Words for Beautiful in Korean

Slang Words for Beautiful in korean

And finally, if you really want to sound like a native speaker, it’s time to learn some Korean slang for beautiful.

The slang word for beautiful in Korean language is 이뻐요 (ippeoyo) . 

You can use this expression when talking to people who are older or not particularly close to you. 

The slang word 이뻐요 (ippeoyo) can be used, but it is recommended to use 예뻐요 (yeppeoyo) instead.

it can be used, but it is recommended to use 예뻐요 (yeppeoyo) instead. That person is beautiful


They are obviously much prettier than us. 

우리들 보다 훨씬 이뻐요.

coriander is lovely. 

고수는 참 이뻐요

How to say “you are beautiful in Korean”

How to say “you are beautiful in korean

Before we look at how to say “You’re beautiful” in Korean, it’s important to note that ‘You’ in Korean is not used in the same way that ‘you’ is used in other languages. 

Pronouns like ‘you’ in Korean are often dropped and it is usually clear from the context who you are referring to.

예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo]/예쁘세요 [ye-ppeu-se-yo] is the most common way to say “You’re beautiful.” in Korean: it comes from the basic dictionary form 예쁘다 [ye=ppeu-da]. For casual speech for kids, you can use 너 예쁘다 or 예쁘다. (yep-peu-da) for friends But in Formal polite settings, just use 예쁘십니다 or 아름다우십니다.

here are the most common ways to say “You’re beautiful.” in Korean:

  • 예쁘다 [ye=ppeu-da] (Dictionary Form)
  • 예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo] (Polite)
  • 예쁘세요 [ye-ppeu-se-yo] /예쁘네요.(More Polite / Honorific)
  • 너 예쁘다./예쁘네.(causal)
  • 예쁘십니다 [ye-ppeu-sim-ni-da]/아름다우십니다.(Even More Polite / Formal)

How to say “You are so beautiful in Korean”?

If you want to say you are so pretty or very pretty, you can say 너는 (너무) 예뻐요. For polite situations where Neo (너) means you, Neun (는) is the Topic Marker, and Neomu (너무)  means very and 예뻐요.(Yeppeoyo)means pretty.

Here is how to say you are so beautiful in Korean in different speech levels

  • 너는 (너무) 예쁘십니다. (Formal-Honorific)
  • 너는 (너무) 예뻐요. (polite)
  • 너는 (너무) 예뻐 (causal)

Or you can 정말 to describe  “you are really pretty” where 정말(jongmal) means really like this

  • (정말) 예쁘시네요. ((jeong-mal) yep-peu-shi-nae-yo)- for non-friends or flirting
  • (정말) 예쁘네. ((jeong-mal) yep-peu-nae)-For complimenting kids
  • 예쁘다. (yep-peu-da)-For complimenting friends

How to say you look great in Korean

You look great in Korean is translatable as 대단하게 보이십니다 in an honorific form. It comes from the basic dictionary form 대단하다, an adjective in Korean, and the word look is 보이다 means “to be seen”.

But the translation does not sound natural. So Koreans like s to some alternative expressions such as 

아주 멋지다.

아주 멋져.

대단히 멋지다

대단히 멋져.

If you are close to a person, you may say


You is omittable from the translation and 아주(ahjoo) means very.

You can be translated into many ways due to various honorific forms for the subject, such as 너, 당신, 그대, 선생난, 어르신. 아가씨, 아저씨, 야가야

How to use beautiful as a modified verb?

How to use beautiful as a modified verb?

All the above forms are used at the end of a sentence to say “[subject] is beautiful.” but if you want to modify the noun to describe something.

To modify the noun, you just have to use this word to 아름다운(areumdaun)and add the noun at the end. 

The structure to use the beautiful in Korean as a modified verb is 

아름다운(areumdaun)+ Noun

For example:

  • Beautiful  rose-아름다운 장미-areumdaun jangmi
  • Beautiful place-아름다운 곳
  • Beautiful sea-아름다운 바다(areumdaun bada)
  • Beautiful house-아름다운 집(areumdaun jip)
  • Pretty women-예쁜 여자 (yeppeun yeoja)

 Example sentences

Look at the beautiful roses! 

저 아름다운 장미를 좀 보세요!

What is the most beautiful place in the world? 

세계에서 가장 아름다운 장소는 어디인가요?

Swansea is such a beautiful place. 

스완지는 정말 아름다운 곳이야.

What a beautiful house! 

정말 멋진 집이에요!

There is a beautiful sea and delicious food in my hometown.

나의 고향에는 아름다운 바다와 맛있는 음식이 있다.

nae gohyangeneun areumdaun badawa madinneun eumsigi ittta

“Who’s this pretty woman?”

“이 예쁜 여자는 누구냐?”

Thank you in Korean |How to respond when you are being called beautiful?

thank you in korean

감사합니다(Kam-sa-ham-ni-da) means “thank you” in Korean and is the standard way. You can use it to show respect to strangers, your bosses, and elderly people. Koreans also use 고맙습니다(gomabseubnida) in all formal settings, whereas고마워 (gomawo) is for casual situations. You can use the phrases 고마워요 (gomawoyo)/ 감사해요 (gamsahaeyo) to show appreciation in a polite way.

So, Here is how to say thank you in Korean(formal & informal) in different situations.

  • Thank you in Korean informal – 고마워 (gomawo) 
  • Thank you in Korean polite – 고마워요 (gomawoyo) or 감사해요 (gamsahaeyo) 
  • Thank you in Korean formal – 감사합니다(kam-sa-ham-ni-da) or 고맙습니다 (gomabseubnida)
  • In Korean, there are multiple expressions of gratitude Like this 
  • Thank you in Korean slang  -감사 (gahm-sa)
  • Thank you in Korean while texting – ㄱㅅ

Even so, if you are a tourist or even a newbie to learning Korean, it is okay to learn only two expressions: the standard formal form 감사합니다(kam-sa-ham-ni-da) and the informal 고마워 (gomawo).

It is enough to give thanks to anyone in Korea.

If you want to know in detail, here’s a complete guide on “how to say thank you” in Korean in formal, informal, and polite situations. 

You’ll also learn how to go beyond 감사합니다 (kam-sa-ham-ni-da) and thank like a native speaker would with examples and exercises.

10 Alternative Ways to Say “beautiful” in KOREAN 

  • You are more pretty-너가 더 예뻐 
  • You are pretty-이쁘시네요 
  • So pretty- 너무 예뻐요
  • I am pretty-나는 예쁘다
  • You never look ugly-당신은 항상 아름다워요
  • Suzy, I’m attracted to you” -씨한테 끌려요.
  • you are more beautiful than the photos-사진보다 실물이 더 미인이시네요
  • Your eyes are so beautiful-눈이 너무 아름답습니다
  • You are so cute-당신은 너무 귀여워요.
  • you are a beautiful person-미인이시네요 
  • I love you in Korean-사랑해요
  • I like you in Korean-좋아해요
  • You are gorgeous-너는 아주 멋져
  • You ae so cool-너무 멋있어요!
  • you are more handsome than the photos-사진보다 실물이 더 미남이시네요
  • You are so hot-당신은 너무 뜨거워 
  • You look nice-멋있어 보여요
  • why are you so pretty-웰케 예쁘세요?
  • He’s handsome-잘생겼어
  • I can’t take my eyes off you-제가 눈을 못 뗐어요.j
  • You don’t look beautiful : 넌 아름답게 보이진 않는다.
  • The teacher is good-looking- “선생님이 잘생겼어요.”
  • You look beautiful : 넌 아름답게 보인다
  • You’re no fun/You’re boring.- “너 재미없어

Synonyms for Beautiful in Korean

beautiful in korean

Just as there are multiple Korean words to say “beautiful,” there are many synonyms for “beautiful in Korean”.

So here are a few other common ways to say beautiful in Korean 

  • pretty-예뻐요-yeppoyo
  • magnificent -훌륭한-hulryunghan
  • cute=귀여워요.gwiyowoyo
  • good looking / handsome =잘생김 (jal·seng·gim) or 잘생겼다 
  • Attractive = 매력적인(maeryeokjeogin)
  • Young- 어리다-orida
  • Lovely-사랑스러워- sarangseurowo
  • pleasant=유쾌한(yukwaehan)
  • Dazzling=눈부신(nunbusin)
  • breathtaking=아슬 아슬한(aseul aseulhan)
  •  gorgeous-멋있네-mosinne
  • brilliant – 대단하다- daedanhada
  • angelic/goddess=여신(yeo·sin)
  • an attractive person = 매력적인 사


Mm, what a lovely cake! 

음, 정말 멋진 케이크군!

The stage will be very bright and dazzling.

무대는 매우 밝고 눈부실 것입니다.

mudaeneun maeu balkko nunbusil kkosimnida

You’re the goddess of baseball games now.

너 이제 시구 여신이야.

He’s so charming



All about Korea beauty standard |What do the Koean think is beautiful?

Before you start using all of the Korean words for pretty, it’s vital to know what the Koreans think is pretty. 

Because K-pop stars are not the only ones who think that Korean beauty is just pretty faces and long legs.

Korean beauty standards prioritize a slender figure, small face, v-shaped jaw, pale skin, straight eyebrows, flawless skin, and large eyes.

The main objective of these standards is to look youthful and healthy.

The eyes have always been a major focus in Korean beauty standards. 

The small fatty deposits (aekgyo-sal) under the eyes are said to give a youthful appearance. 

Asian blepharoplasty is a surgery that creates double eyelids (upper eyelids with a crease) to create a more youthful appearance and make the eyes appear larger. 

Korean beauty standards are heavily influenced by the media, including television, movies, and pop stars.

Male beauty standards

Many people believe the South Korean beauty industry only focuses on women, but this is incorrect. 

Make-up isn’t really seen as gendered at all, and South Korea actually advertises make-up for men all the time.

According to recent statistics in South Korea, South Korean men are the biggest male spenders on skincare and beauty products in the last 10 years. 

A major reason for this standard is the Korean music culture known as K-pop.

It is very common for Korean men to care about clear, smooth, and fair skin. 

It is also usual to dye and style hair on a regular basis.

The body shape for a guy is to look more androgynous, but not too muscular. 

Men should have sharp, stylish clothing that fits them nicely. Double eyelids are also becoming more common thanks to plastic surgery. 

Koreans prefer to have their nose higher while keeping facial features slim and small.

Most people, especially in Korea, follow this type of beauty standard, where they look for an innocent look, with small faces, big eyes, and slim bodies. 

Compared to Western beauty standards, South Koreans, in general, tend to prefer more cuter and feminine looks than people from the West.

Be prepared, the standards are very very high and you should not rely on these parameters to judge your self-worth.

In summary, it is quite diverse and is more focused on cultivating a balanced life, being confident, and using your uniqueness to your advantage.

Korean plastic surgery

One of the world’s top countries in the beauty industry is South Korea.

The Korean skincare philosophy emphasizes caring for the skin, preventing aging, and strengthening it.

Korea’s plastic surgeries and beauty treatments are well known and common for people to go for surgery.

In the West, plastic surgery is mostly about boobs and buttocks; in Korea, it’s all about the face.

In fact, boys are getting plastic faces too, and more and more guys are trying to resemble the male beauty models imposed by K-Pop and Korean dramas.

A more recent survey from Gallup Korea in 2015 determined that approximately one-third of South Korean women between 19 and 29 have claimed to have had plastic surgery, while some say as much as 50%.

Upper eyelid surgeries are the most frequently performed surgery for women.

beautiful in korean

Photo: Getty Images

A more recent survey from Gallup Korea in 2015 shows that nearly one-third of South Korean women between 19 and 29 had undergone plastic surgery.

While in the West plastic surgery is mostly about boobs and butts, in Korea, it’s all about the face.

Double-eyelid surgery to make the eye look bigger, facial bone contouring (V-Face), V-line surgery, and cheekbone reduction surgeries are the most popular ones.

Many celebrities and K-pop stars are required to undergo these surgeries to trim their cheekbones, jaw, and chin to create an oval-shaped face. 

This kind of surgery can cause permanent damage.


Great job. You finally know how to say beautiful in Korean.

If you are ever unsure of how to say “pretty” in Korean, then it is best to stick with what you know and use 아름다워요 [ah-reum-da-wo-yo],예뻐요 [ye-ppeo-yo], 예뻐 [ye-ppeo].

All these words are widely used and accepted in Korea.

Well, it’s time for you to apply it in real life and improve your pronunciation.

So go out and next time you get a chance to say beautiful in Korean, just use any of these as much as you can. 

Koreans will understand you even if you got it wrong. 

Looking for more Korean phrases and when to use them you can check out our other articles on this topic.

Here are some recommended lessons:

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Got any questions in mind? Make sure to let us know by leaving a comment below and we will do our best to help you out!

See you in the next lesson. Have a good day.

beautiful in korean

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